Pusher conveyors ensure trouble-free evacuation of stacked blocks formed in corrugated cardboard lines.
Thanks to the structure designed for this purpose, the blocks are moved quickly and regularly to the relevant areas.


It provides the transfer of blocks between the lines in the factory.
With Turntable conveyors, Chain-Belt Transfer Conveyors and shuttle conveyors gathered under the title of transfer conveyors.
Thanks to these conveyors, the blocks are delivered to the far points of the lines quickly and smoothly.


It enables the blocks circulating between the lines to be accumulated without occupying much space, it also provides significant advantages with low maintenance costs and easy serviceability.


Thanks to flexible mass production technologies customized with Industry 4.0, we take the automation of your production lines to advanced levels. Our automation systems work stably with programs that can be integrated with other systems and machines and are written according to scenarios determined in accordance with customer needs and requests.

We set up our automation systems in terms of software and hardware based on modern, effective and quality criteria in order to move your production further in every sense.